Your high-end cards will be:


Your business cards will be intact for years. Customers keep them and don't throw them away.


A card that gives a strong impression of a successful entrepreneur

Guarantied delivery

A consultant from our team will deliver your cards directly to your office.


The return on your investment is huge. This kind of card will bring a lot of customers for what they cost.

No design? No problem!


Give us your current design in a working format. We'll reposition the elements to allow a Dye Cut or other elements specific to metalic cards. Free with the purchase of 500 cards or more.


Don't have a card? Your card design will be included with any order of 500 cards or more. Otherwise, a small fee of $200.00 will be charged to cover the cost of the card's design.

3 Choice of cards

Our designers always provides you with 3 models of cards or logos. You choose your favorite and we will take care of the rest. Color codes and font names will be included if applicable.

No logo?

The logo's design costs $450.00 and includes a business card design ready for printing on luxury metal cards. Color codes, font name and a source file will be included.

Pricing of the cards:

100 Cards

$400 Delivery included
($4.00 each card)

200 Cards

$700 Delivery included
($3.50 each card)

500 cards

$1600 Delivery included
($3.20 each card)

1000 cards

$2800.00 Delivery included
($2.80 each card)